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I’ve hurt my lower back and I can’t move…What do I do now?

Well, first of all don’t panic!

When you injure an area and get pain, it is the brains natural reaction to send messages to your body to immediately tighten the muscles in the surrounding area that you have pain. It’s your body’s normal protective mechanism, to stop you from immediately hurting yourself further!

Everyone’s body is different and their experiences are different, if you have injured your back more than once it may feel different to previously.

It doesn’t feel good though and its normal to be worried about what you should do next…

It is firstly important to get your pain under control.

Rest, lye down with your knees bent or a pillow under your knees. For how long will depend on how your feeling. However bad your back feels, it is not recommended to do this continually for longer than 24hours. You should be gradually walking and moving around, little and often is the key.

Try to avoid sitting during this initial period.

Ice, this is quite soothing for some people and fine to use, however evidence suggests that it probably doesn’t go deep enough to settle the inflammation of joints in your lower back. This is where heat can be very effective, as it will gently relax the tight muscles in your back and ease your pain. Heat can be in the form of a heat rub, a wheat pack, a hot water bottle or a small stick on heat pack that can last all day.

Consider using some anti-inflammatories or pain relief. If you are not sure what or how much, check with your Pharmacist for some guidance. If you have other health issues or you don’t feel that over the counter medications are enough, see your GP. They will know exactly what you need!

Well done, step one complete!

Its important to be aware that you won’t necessarily be dancing around the house the following day. That’s normal.

Should I go to ED?

If you are experiencing changes to your bowel and bladder function, If you are numb in that area. If your legs are giving way underneath you, then yes, consider a trip to the emergency department.

If you are in pain and have difficulty moving because of your pain, come and see a Physiotherapist. At Broome Physio, we will be able to assess your lower back injury and tell you what is likely to be the problem.

Your Physio will provide the correct and appropriate hands on treatment for your lower back injury. If you need further support for your lower back such as taping or bracing, this will be provided. Your Physio will be able to recommend the correct exercises for your type of lower back injury that will ease your pain and not make things worse.

Your Physio will make sure that they explain to you what has happened and what they are doing to help you.

Please make sure you ask lots of questions if you are unsure of anything! Your Physio will also be able to refer or recommend scans if they are appropriate – often they are not necessary!!

If you would like to book an appointment at Broome Physio, please call 08 9192 2973 or Book online!

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