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Conor McGuire


Meet Conor, an accomplished physiotherapist hailing from Ireland, with a prestigious degree from the University of Liverpool under his belt. Conor's professional journey has been diverse, affording him invaluable experience across the spectrum of physiotherapy. Following his graduation, he dedicated himself to serving within Liverpool's health service, while also lending his expertise to local and university Gaelic football teams.

For the past 18 months, Conor has ventured across the picturesque alpine landscapes of France and New Zealand, contributing his skills to musculoskeletal private practices. In these roles, he adeptly addressed both acute and chronic injuries, catering to a wide array of clients. During his time in New Zealand, Conor had the privilege of working with esteemed athletes, including the national ice hockey champions, the Sky City Stampede, and offering his services to golf enthusiasts at the prestigious Millbrook Golf Resort, seamlessly merging his passion for sports with his expertise in physiotherapy.

Conor's personal journey reflects his deep-rooted love for sports, particularly Gaelic football, which he has pursued at a provincial level during his time in the UK. As an avid traveller with a fervent interest in sports-related injuries, Conor is thrilled to embark on this new chapter in Broome, eager to immerse himself in the community and uncover the opportunities it holds.

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Conor McGuire
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