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Jemma Fruin


Meet Jemma, a trailblazing physiotherapist hailing from the heart of London. After earning her stripes at the esteemed University of Liverpool in 2020, she set forth on a mission to provide exceptional care.

Jemma's resume includes valuable experience across various physiotherapy domains, from emergency care to neurological outpatients and musculoskeletal treatment. Her approach? It's all about the big picture – ensuring patient needs are met for an enhanced quality of life.

When it comes to expertise, Jemma excels in effectively handling lower limb injuries, back pain, and sports-related issues. She doesn't do one-size-fits-all – Jemma dives into thorough assessments and crafts personalized rehab plans tailored to each individual.

Her passion for sports, particularly netball, comes from her own experience at the national level. She's harnessed this knowledge to create foolproof prevention and management strategies for all those sports-related niggles.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to experience Jemma's compassionate care and expert touch? Get your appointment locked in online today and start your journey towards health and wellness!

08 9192 2973

Jemma Fruin
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